The village of Moncarapacho is just a few kilometers inland from the main EN125 highway. 

This quaint Portuguese, Algarvian town has lots to offer visiting guests. With 3 mini supermarkets, 2 health food shops, bank, dentist, pharmacy, petrol station and daily farmers market, this small hideaway is buzzing with activity, especially in the morning period and more so around the indoor farmers market. Which, currently is being housed in temporary units as the  original market is currently receiving a modern make over. 

There is a real positive vibe in this town, which also boasts some good restruarants such as Antoinio's, Colibr's and Ana's. The post office is also an advantage in this small backwater. The post master even speaks English and knows his UK football and politics. Don't get him started on Maggie Thatcher!

This place is very easy to cycle to for a typical workers Portuguese lunch and a good glug of the local wine. Bicicletas da vila has been fixing and selling bike parts since 1920. They will quickly repair any issue quickly and reliably. 

There are literally hundreds of country walks around this very rural area, some great for dog walkers and "Twitchers" as the bird life can be a truly wonderful sight, along with the carpet of wild flowers beneth. Stop for a beer or a coffee for around a euro. Your trip to Moncarapacho won't leave you broke.